I won!


Let me start off by apologizing. My day is supposed to be Wednesday! I am also an actress, so much of my time is devoted to running from set to set all over LA. I have set a reminder for every post on my phone, so I won’t miss my day again. Hakuna Matata! I was wondering who among us would be the first to screw up. I guess I won!

I recently moved to a new apartment, which is significantly larger than my last. I have not yet finished organizing due to my insanely busy schedule. There are quite a few things that still need to be bought and sorted. Luckily, I have a picture of my writing space from my previous habitat. I am planning on keeping the design/theme the same (just with slightly different placement and few new items).

Let me also say that I do not confine my writing to my bedroom only. Sometimes I feel like writing on the sofa in the living room. I may go outside and sit around the hot tub, if I feel so inclined. Whenever I go hiking, which is often, I make sure I take a notebook and pen with me. I’ll find a nice, shaded spot and sit there for several hours writing. It really just depends on the kind of mood I’m in. Most of my mobile writing is note taking, character descriptions, brain storming session, etc…

My bedroom is a whole different story. Here, I can let my mind lose and delve deep into my imaginary worlds. This is where my novels come to life. My scripts are usually written in the living room on my desktop. (It just feels so official.)

When I’m ready to write in my bedroom, I collect all my notebooks, rough drafts, artwork, cats, a bottle of water, and my laptop. I turn on my globe-shaped table lamp and light a few candles. The soft light bounces between all the mirrors and creates a calming atmosphere. It’s almost sexy. Luna and Piper (my two cats) get comfy with me, and I begin.

The theme of my room is very “sea” oriented. I love ocean colors and tones of blues, pinks, and lots of white. Over the years, I have collected seashells from every beach I’ve been to and have multiple pieces of mermaid art. I also like to keep magical whimsy in my writing space with crystals and stones. Yes, I have many stuffed animals on my bed and tones of pillows. Rapunzel, Snow White, a giant Princess Diana TY Bear, and other cute critters give me something soft to fall back into.

This is the kind of inspiration I like for the most part. If I need something else to fuel my imagination, that is when I become mobile.

If you have any questions about what you see in my room, don’t hesitate to ask! Until next time, go forth and sprinkle glitter on everyone you meet. It will make their day or piss them off. Either way, you’ll make an impression!

Best wishes!


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