Tunnel Vision

If I could write anywhere, it would be in an airplane- thousands of miles away from reality. I also have a dream of traveling around the lush areas of scenic Europe in a train, perfecting my novels. But really all I need right now when I write is a quiet space alone or a public space where no one will tap on my shoulder.

I often type with my eyes closed because it helps me block out- not only the distractions around me, but the technological ones in front of me as well. I’m no perfectionist. Things get misspelled and run-on sentences happen. But at that first stage of writing, that’s totally okay.

I’m a small person so standard-person chairs pulled up to standard-people desks don’t work well for me. In class, it was often better for me to put my computer on my lap. And I prefer to sit on the floor with the wall against my back. Sitting upright keeps me focused and the floor isn’t comfortable enough to fall back on (like the pile of pillows that litter my bed).


I apologize for the delay of this post. There were some very frustrating technical difficulties happening yesterday. This final one is to the point because I had to re-write it so many times! Have a great weekend, guys. 😀



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