Characters Write My Stories

When I started writing for my own pleasure, the most exciting thing would be to invent characters for my story. Creating ideas and thoughts that developed a character’s personality, interests, background, etc. has always been a thrill for me. My imagination is ridiculous and I love it. Some writers come up with plots for their stories … Continue reading Characters Write My Stories


Jobe on Revising A Novel

One of my big summer projects is to work one-on-one with my professor John Vanderslice and revise the novel manuscript I wrote in his Novel Writing class. While we agreed that a summer is not really enough time, I thought tough goals would be a good way to keep myself in check. Advice that I've received so … Continue reading Jobe on Revising A Novel

How to Write a Damn Good Character

Characters are my favorite part to storytelling.  Out of Aristotle’s Six Key Elements (Plot, Character, Theme, Diction, Music, and Spectacle - which we can discuss in another blog post) character tends to be the most diverse and versatile.  Yes, the plot thickens, but how does that happen?  It happens based on character actions.  As the … Continue reading How to Write a Damn Good Character

Let’s Play Favorites

Okay, sorry this was late. At least I wasn’t the first to forget! 😉 Anyway, this week we will all be talking about our favorite characters that we have written. When we first came up with this, there were two of my characters that came to mind—for completely different reasons. Cam and McKenna. I’ve had … Continue reading Let’s Play Favorites

Jobe Likes Rules

So if you've been following our blog you've seen that this round's theme is interacting with the writing adage "write what you know." I'll go ahead and play devil's advocate and agree that yes, we should do this! Here's why: 1. If you are writing with authenticity informed by true experience, your reader will recognize your … Continue reading Jobe Likes Rules

I Do What I Want

The first thing I was taught once joining the Writing Department at my university was to “write what I know”. This is completely false. Write what you feel, and you will always be happy with the outcome. Write what you know. I changed my major after about 3 semesters. I took Intro to Creative Writing … Continue reading I Do What I Want