Accountability Partners

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a big procrastinator- and even more so when whatever I’m supposed to be doing solely involves me. When tasks involve other people’s lives, I find I’m better at accomplishing goals.

For example, during my freshman year of college, I wrote a research paper the night before it was due. Granted I stayed up all night, and it was a Comp 2 class. But the point is there. I had months to write that paper and I kept putting it off.

When it came to group projects, I had the urge to push them off as well. But my gut would constantly remind me that people were depending on me. I guess I like to be depended upon. It gives me a sense of purpose. So this is why I’m a fan of accountability partners when it comes to writing.

Last year, I took a class where everyone had to write their own novels. And over the past ten months, I’ve been telling myself I need to edit mine. I’ve made 2 separate attempts to do this. Both have failed pathetically.

SO… one of my fellow writing friends, (our Monday girl, Taylor), and I decided to be each other’s accountability partners. We swapped our novel drafts and have until July 1st to read them. Then we’ll be offering feedback, etc. I put the date on here to remind both of us that this is FOR REAL. Because, you know, writers are totally lazy. 😉

But I guess my point this week is that I need deadlines and I need people to hold me accountable for my writing. This blog has been a great help with that. I encourage you to go find someone who wants to be serious about writing and get going! There’s always something to write about. If you ever need a prompt, feel free to ask any of us. We’ve got your back. Have a FANTASTIC Thursday!


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