Let’s Play Favorites

Okay, sorry this was late. At least I wasn’t the first to forget! 😉

Anyway, this week we will all be talking about our favorite characters that we have written.

When we first came up with this, there were two of my characters that came to mind—for completely different reasons. Cam and McKenna.

I’ve had the character Cam for way too many years than I care to admit, and I just can’t figure out what to do with him/the other characters. I’m hopeful it will turn into a dystopian novel one day but so far, no luck. Anyway, the thing I like about him is that he’s misunderstood (typical girl response, I know). Without going into too much detail (because the story is STILL unfolding), he’s basically involved with this futuristic government for his protection even though he doesn’t agree with anything they do. So, through most of the story (or what I have of it), he’s seen as a villain when really he’s the complete opposite. I guess I like that element of surprise.

McKenna was a really interesting character for me to write mainly because she was 5. In her story she’s burned by a house fire. It was so interesting to get to see things from the perspective of a little kid. I got to use sentences like “pink is my favorite color” and “my teddy bear thought it was pretty.” And it’s not like I can talk about a teddy bear in real life without getting some weird looks. I think I just loved getting back into that headspace of a young kid. It was so refreshing even though the topic was pretty heavy.

And I feel guilty now, like I just named my favorite kids or something….


Until next time,


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