Jobe on Revising A Novel

One of my big summer projects is to work one-on-one with my professor John Vanderslice and revise the novel manuscript I wrote in his Novel Writing class. While we agreed that a summer is not really enough time, I thought tough goals would be a good way to keep myself in check.

Advice that I’ve received so far includes:

  • Dive into the big structural issues, because you may be line editing passages that end up getting cut.
  • Keep 3 how-to books and 3 novels like yours close at hand (Heather Sellers).

The first of my 3 how-to guides is a fantastic book by literary agent Regina Brooks.

This book has been chock-a-block full of fantastic great advise which is just as easily applied to a second draft as to a first draft.

These web posts also seem pretty solid:

And I’m browsing amazon to see which book should be my next pick:

90  rockit uncommonredpen







Went to the bookstore last night. I picked this one:

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