Follow Your Arrow

It's no secret that a good imagination can go a long way, but it's always good to have a little travel experience to help flesh out your ideas. If I'm working on my fantasy novel, I can create anything I want. However, if my story takes place in our world, I'll need to accurately describe … Continue reading Follow Your Arrow


Tapes Tell A Story

This morning, I thought I’d talk about a book I read recently. I’d like to give a little insight on it (without giving the plot away, of course) and encourage you to learn a little from it. TH1RTEEN R3ASONS WHY is a novel by Jay Asher. In short, the story is about what leads a … Continue reading Tapes Tell A Story

Jobe on Perspective

You write your first novel in a whirlwind of creative abandon. You celebrate, you take your time off--a couple of weeks to a couple of months being the recommended length. You do this so that you can come back to your novel with new writerly perspective, to see it with new eyes. Some of the passages that … Continue reading Jobe on Perspective


You wring your hands, knowing what you’re about to say isn’t necessarily a popular opinion, but it needs to be said. You take a deep breath, then let it out. Here goes nothing. “Fine,” you squeak, “I’ll admit it. I love second-person point of view.” 😉 Sorry, as cheesy (and dramatic) as that might have … Continue reading You

Jobe does a Revision Interview with Nelson Terry

Happy Fourth to everybody. Today I'm going to share a mini-interview I did with my friend, writer Nelson Terry. Of course the topic is: Novel Revision! Q: What's your plan of attack? A: Does the dialogue make sense? Does it sound like something actual people would say in real life? Don't be afraid to cut something … Continue reading Jobe does a Revision Interview with Nelson Terry

Make Writer’s Block Your Bitch

Finding inspiration is easy.  One doesn’t even have to try.  Most of the time, it just comes on its own.  It’s the motivation that's the hard part. Inspiration can take many forms.  Sometimes a place or person can inspire.  Other times something more abstract like a color, the smell of rain, or even a song … Continue reading Make Writer’s Block Your Bitch