Jobe does a Revision Interview with Nelson Terry

Happy Fourth to everybody. Today I’m going to share a mini-interview I did with my friend, writer Nelson Terry. Of course the topic is: Novel Revision!

Q: What’s your plan of attack?

A: Does the dialogue make sense? Does it sound like something actual people would say in real life? Don’t be afraid to cut something out, even if you spent a lot of time on it. Pay attention to plot/logic holes. If YOU can see them, then so will readers.

Q: What’s your best advice?

A: Set deadlines to keep you focused, but be willing to push those deadlines ahead when needed. My current deadline is to have my fourth draft done by my birthday, which was the same deadline I set for the first draft last year.

Q: Is there a craft book or stellar novel you swear by?

A: Stephen King’s “On Writing” as far as the how-to is concerned, and for me personally, “The Hobbit” and “Lord of the Rings” were great examples of great writing. Also, “Fahrenheit 451.” It’s one of the greatest novels ever written, and it’s also notable for being less than 200 pages.

Thanks for checking out our mini-interview and expect more to come! Meanwhile surf Nelson’s blog




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