So, this is me being random. This is also me sharing 5 secrets about myself as a writer. Enjoy!

  1. I don’t write in the Christian genre. As I mentioned in an earlier post, write what you don’t know. And I know Christianity. It’s all I’ve ever known, so I tend to stray away from this topic in my writing. Although, I love reading Christian non-fiction. Any suggestions on good books? Please leave them in the comments!
  2. I have a lot of trouble writing sci-fi. I honestly don’t know why. I feel like part of it is that you have to make up the society as well as the characters’ stores. It’s just a lot. It’s overwhelming. And I change my mind like no tomorrow.
  3. One of my first book attempts included a motif of dandelions. Every book attempt since then has also included dandelions in some way. One time it had to do with the theme of “possibilities,” and another time it was part of a counseling technique. 
  4. I use poetry to vent. If I’ve been mad at you, there’s probably a poem about you on my computer. If you’ve hurt me? There’s probably a bunch of them.
  5. I love writing suspenseful stuff—murder attempts, arson, fights. It gets my blood pumping. It’s fast-paced and exciting. Some of my favorite scenes have been some of my most intense.

Anything else you want to know? Just ask!

See you soon,


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