Jobe’s Adventures in Grad School

As y’all may or may not know, this Jobe is enrolled in the UCA MFA creative writing program. I’m in my third year, in fact, and while I’m on the slow track, with any luck, I may actually graduate after another several semesters or so. ;D This semester I’m taking poetry and nonfiction, and I’m hoping to generate content in both classes that I can use in my thesis, which will be a memoir. (I’m older than I look, folks.)

Since classes are getting into gear, I thought I’d share some hodge-podge knowledge I’ve gleaned so far.


POMOPO (Post Modern Poetry) with Mark Spitzer:

  • Takes risks in your poetry! (Mark Spitzer)
  • Don’t use end rhyme. That’s so last century. (Mark Spitzer)
  • Go on your nerve. If you got it, flaunt it! (Frank O’Hara)
  • It’s all about tension. (Barbara Guest)
  • Collaborative work can actually turn out kind of awesome. (classroom exercises)




CNF (Creative Nonfiction) with Garry Craig Powell:

  • Ask an interesting question. (Eileen Pollack)
  • Take the picture bigger than yourself to communicate a more universal relevance. (George Orwell demonstrates this)
  • E. B. White is really funny.
  • Truth in nonfiction matters! Be as honest as you can, and let the reader know when you’re fabricating, filling in the gaps, or unsure. The reader will trust you more and appreciate you for it. (multiple class readings and discussions)

Until Next Time!

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