Jobe Looks at Word Counts

Howdy, y’all, Jobe here for another bonus weekend post. Since yesterday 11/15 marked the half-way point for Nano participants, I wanted to take a look at word counts. 2011 was my first year participating in Nano, and I won, so it’s a good year to use for a comparison to this year, which I also intend to win!

Here’s how I stack up against my prior self:

November 2014 vs November 2011

  1. 2802                       1866
  2. +2313=5115           +2396=4262
  3. +1182=6297           +2225=6487
  4. +1342=7639           +1887=8374
  5. sick                         +2024=10398
  6. class                       +1951=12349
  7. tired                        sick
  8. +3620=11259         +4295=16644
  9. +1047=12306         +1320=17964
  10. +1747=14053         tired
  11. reading                   cleaning
  12. +1316=15369         +3813=21777
  13. class                       +1100=22877
  14. work                        tv
  15. +5329=20698         friends over

So I started stronger this year but by day 3 my prior self was going at a faster pace. This year I’ve taken 6 days off and by this point last time I’d taken only 5 days off. In 2011 my highest words for one day was 4295 words on Nov 8th. This year my highest word count was 5329, which I did yesterday at a Write-A-Thon sponsored by the local Nano group. And my mid-month totals aren’t far off from each other, only 2179 words apart. I think I can close that gap pretty fast, don’t you?

Tell your mid-month Nano story in the comments! And as always, Keep Writing.



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