Jobe on Reading in 2015

Hello again, darling friends! Today I would like to talk about reading. Specifically, how will you challenge yourself this year in your reading goals? Maybe you’ll read 10 books recommended by friends, 10 books in different genres, 10 books by new-to-you authors, or all of the above! Maybe this will be the year you read all those books you’ve purchased but never read? Maybe this year you’ll read all those classics you feel faintly guilty for never getting around to? Whether you’re a speed-demon of a reader like my partner or a slow-poke reader like me, everyone can get excited about new goals in the new year. If you have an accountability partner, a book club, or an online reading group, will it help you stay on track and accomplish more? Here are some ideas below, and remember, always set a big goal so that even if you fall short, you’ve still accomplished something impressive! And be sure to check out GoodReads or 50 Book Pledge to track your progress online throughout the year!

Book Riot

Galley Cat

Roots, Wings, & Wanderings

Live a Little Wilder 

A Novel Challenge

Rather Be Reading (this one has a sign-up and winners)

List Challenges (this is a checklist to see what you have already read but could easily be used as a goal list)

and here’s the one I’m doing

Pop Sugar

Thanks for checking in, folks! Until next time,

Compiling the internet so you don’t have to 

PS I almost forgot!!!!

Ted Talks


Neil deGrasse Tyson on BrainPickings


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