Happy One Year Blogaversary, Inklings!

A year ago today a couple of friends got together with the idea of starting a blog about writing. And here it is, still going! Many thanks to everyone who has participated at every step of the way, and all the subscribers who believe in us! Here’s a simple Q & A for currently active Inklings:

What has been your biggest writing challenge in the last year?

Tuesday/Friday | Jobe: Daily habit is crucial, as I tell all aspiring writers, but I could do more to practice what I preach! Also, I’ve written a novel and revised it, but it’s still so far from where I want it to be. I’m looking forward to digging into another round of novel revision soon.

Thursday | Colleen: Self-motivation is difficult for me. I work better when I’m held accountable by other people. So it’s been a challenge to work on my personal blog– as well as this one. Also, in my current line of work, there isn’t much room for my own creativity. When I’m given a ‘creative’ assignment, what I submit is usually thrown out. This has been good for my development as a writer- but is also challenging in a constrictive way.

What has been your sweetest writing success in the last year?

Tuesday/Friday Jobe: I love teaching and mentoring, and I’ve been able to hold several free Saturday classes through the library. (Watch the calendar for more!) Aside from that, I just feel proud and happy to continue in my school writing program. I am learning so much more and at such an accelerated rate than what I would be accomplishing on my own. I love the structure and the discipline of being part of this program.

Thursday | Colleen: I have two things- which may not directly pertain to creative writing. My first thing has been to myself read books. It’s easy to come home and flop with my phone, computer, or television and just be mindless. Reading more books has been a sweet influence- tools I easily forget I always have at my disposal. The second thing has been transcribing interviews for my dad’s dissertation. This isn’t ‘creative’ writing, but it’s up to interpretation to an extent. It’s been a fun challenge that has enabled me to develop a new skill. Sweetness all around.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you again and again throughout the reading and writing year!

– The Inklings

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