End-of-May Writing Prompts

As writers, we know deep down that one of the best ways to remember events (good or bad) is to journal about them. Even if these are words that will never be published, they can help inspire a good story down the line- or even act as some personal therapy.

May is a busy month in my house. This is the month where: school comes to a close, (down here in Arkansas), Mother’s Day, Riverfest, and Memorial day sneak up on you, and weddings are exploding. In my house, we’re also spending time celebrating my brother’s birthday and usually attending a graduation of sorts. Before you know it, the month has started and ended and PLOP! It’s June.

I wanted to take a moment to offer some reflections and journal prompts for this month. Who knows what they could inspire?

‣‣‣When did you notice the weather changed? Has it rained a lot this month? Is there damage or flooding in your area? Has this upset you?

‣‣‣Where did you travel this month? That doesn’t mean you had to leave the city or the state (or country). Did you go to a new restaurant or a theatre? Maybe you tried a new gas station or walked somewhere instead of drove your car. What were the sounds and scents and tastes? Give some good description about how you got there or who you went with.

‣‣‣Did something break this month? Did someone or something you love get hurt? Was there loss in your life this month? Maybe your pet got hit by a car or the dishwasher broke for the third time. There are ants invading your house and you’ve tried everything to fix the problem. Write about your frustrations. Write about how you plan on solving them. Make it comical if you’d like.

‣‣‣What is something you noticed about yourself in the past month? Maybe you realized your hair was getting too long and you needed a haircut. Maybe you saw yourself in a photo and realized just how tall your little brother looks next to you. You got a little insight into how people perceive you.

‣‣‣What’s a change you’ve made? It can be something small- like remembering to hang the towel back up on the rack or starting a new blog. It can be something big- like getting a tattoo or buying a house. What is something that you bought or did this month that was new?

I hope these get your minds moving. I know it’s easy to talk yourself out of doing a little writing each week, but don’t! It’s good for you! I hope your month has been pretty kind to you. Have a great weekend, guys!

Write on.

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