Did you miss me? It’s Jobe!

Hey There Intrepid Readers and Writers!

June was a slam-packed month for me, but don’t think I didn’t miss you ❤ Today I taught another of my writing workshops through CALS at the downtown Main Library, and I am always so encouraged and energized and excited by the people who attend — so, if you’re reading this, thank you for coming! If you want to hook into upcoming events, I’ll be doing a July class on Memoir and an October class (more info to come) to prep for Nanowrimo!

Yesterday 6/26/15 the US Supreme Court declared gay marriage legal in all 50 states — WOW! Just like when we elected Obama as our first African-American president, I was hit pretty hard by the fact that we are all participating in history-in-the-making, just by being alive when these milestones occur! So if you were looking for a writing prompt today, look no further — write about a large-scale event and how it affects 3-5 of your characters differently. GO!

Now it wouldn’t be a post from Jobe if I didn’t include some stellar inspirational quotes, right? Here are a few of best I’ve found lately:

From Title Wave

From The Writer’s Circle

A reminder from Grammarly to start early and never give up  3

From Book Riot, 13 GREAT FACEBOOK PAGES FOR WRITERS — I went through the checklist to make sure I’d “liked” them all, and I already had! 😀

If you need motivation starting your writing habit or getting back to your writing project, I only recently discovered this internet gem:
Shia LaBeouf JUST DO IT

And finally, today I’ll leave you with a book rainbow from Oxfam, blogged about first on My Modern Met

Thanks as always for tuning in, and keep up the amazing work.

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