Jobe’s End of September Reads

Of course the minute I think I’m going to rocket ahead in my reading pace, I slow down. That’s okay. One of the joys of a book is that it waits right there for you, as soon(er) or late(r) as you are able to get back to it.


The first two books I finished reading in the second half of September were unpublished manuscripts. My friend and classmate Heather Breed Steadham wrote “Things Worthwhile,” and I definitely look forward to future drafts and the final print edition! The same goes for “Arthurian Legend” by Briget Laskowski. These ladies are very fine writers indeed!

Along with these two books I read “The Great Gatsby” (not for the first time) by famed F. Scott Fitzgerald in preparation to read Trimalchio, an earlier version. These are all part of the Novel Revision class I’m taking with Dr. John Vanderslice, as is Cathy Yardley’s “Rock Your Revisions.”

I’m still in the process of reading:currently reading

Stay tuned, keep reading, keep writing.


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