Jobe’s How-To Tips for Novel Writing

Last year I compiled a long list of how to successfully participate in Nanowrimo, and you can read that excellent stuff here. But this year my writers were interested, “How exactly does one write a novel?” Presumably you just sit down and write until you’ve got a book length manuscript, then sit down and revise until you’ve got a polished manuscript. Because that explains it…Ahem. So without further ado, some pointers.

Victory Crayne, and many many other good sources, tells us to, “Start with a character and a problem.” Books are about people who grow and change and do things. Give your main character a problem and you get into the exploration of who they are and what they’re going to do to fix, overcome, avoid, or solve said problem.

Chuck Sambuchino (a great guy who I had the great pleasure of meeting!) tells us in this Writer’s Digest article to “make things happen.” Put plot in every scene!

Jessica Strawser, in this Writer’s Digest article, made the interesting suggestion, “Write what you feel.” We’re humans exploring the human condition, and books are unavoidably about the interactions between people. What makes those interactions interesting? Feelings! Life doesn’t just logically unfold in an endless series of zeroes and ones. Emotions are what color our worlds.

And don’t for get that even famous writers have doubts and worries. Just do it!

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