Jobe’s October Reads

Trimalchio by F. Scott Fitzgerald. An earlier draft of The Great Gatsby. Read for Novel Revision class to compare the two. An interesting look into one writer’s process.

Now is the Time to Open Your Heart by Alice Walker. Phenomenal book by phenomenal author. Very spiritual. I opted for the audiobook and the voice acting is beautiful, too.2

Finally finished Acorna’s Quest, the second in the series. I get caught up in the decent writing and decent plot, but I get irked by predictable characters and formulaic happy endings. The rest of the series is co-authored by a different person so I might give the third one a try. Anne McCaffrey, as we all know, is a genius.

The God Engines by John Scalzi. A very short work (only three discs on audiobook) and an extremely gripping tale. I was put off by the chauvinism but the story is worth a ponder. My husband, who loves this author, tells me his other works are very different.


“Roswell” (book 1) by Melinda Metz was written way back in the 90s, and it was the YA paranormal romance series that they based the TV show Roswell High on. But here’s where it gets meta–then they wrote a new book series based on the TV show! Too weird? I’ll give you a spoiler–aliens are definitely involved.


We went on a road trip this month to see a friend married out of state, so we had extra time for audiobooks. This collection, Home Improvement: Undead Edition, was a fun addition to my reads. Short story collections by various authors are a great way to break into unfamiliar territory and get an idea for authors whose longer works you might also enjoy. Plus, I already knew I liked Charlaine Harris.


“Rock Your Revisions” by Cathy Yardley is a little book with a silly title and some terrific revision advise. I read several revision books when I did a summer independent study and this was the one that was the most helpful with the most solid, usable advice.


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