Jobe’s 2016 Reading Challenge

Different people have different amounts of time in their lives, but I'm challenging you to participate in either the Jobe 25 Books Reading Challenge or the Jobe 50 Books Reading Challenge. To structure the year, choose your 25 or 50 reads from the following 101 categories, compiled or invented by yours truly. Like me here, like the … Continue reading Jobe’s 2016 Reading Challenge


Jobe made it to 50!

50 books read in 2015, that is! Woot! I was so excited I couldn't wait to share the news. Participating in a reading challenge has really helped me stay on track and make time for my reading, and using has motivated me to keep reading and reach new goals! If you're like me and love … Continue reading Jobe made it to 50!

Jobe with More On the Road

This month I focused on two big reading projects, Jack Kerouac's On The Road and the earlier version, On The Road Scroll. In Novel Revision class, our main purpose was to examine changes between manuscripts as part of the revision process. So as the story goes, Kerouac typed up his notes on a scroll, formed … Continue reading Jobe with More On the Road