Sci&Fi Saturday w Jobe

This article¬†about the Hugo awards is really long but really interesting, and very current. From Wired. Here's a list of of the top 25 sci fi films of the century so far, from Indie Wire. And as we all know, great movies sometimes come from great written works, such are their picks for Battle Royale … Continue reading Sci&Fi Saturday w Jobe


Fountain Pen Friday w Jobe

I'm a completionist who loves the rainbow, so I couldn't branch out in ink brands until after I completed the rainbow in one brand. Here are the six Diamine inks I chose: Poppy Red, Orange, Sunshine Yellow, Apple Glory, Aqua Blue, and Lavender. If you're looking to get started, my first recommendation is to go … Continue reading Fountain Pen Friday w Jobe

Thursday Writers w Jobe

Do you want to be a published writer some day? Did you know that the best thing you can do is support your local writing community? Buy local art, attend local music shows, read local writers! When it's specific to the writerly stuff, this concept is called Literary Citizenship, and it's something Dr. Stephanie Vanderslice … Continue reading Thursday Writers w Jobe

What Makes You Happy? w Jobe

Flowers make me happy. I don't know if it's the bright colors or the sweet smells or having something with life energy nearby. Maybe it's because my hippie momma named me after a flower. But I really like them. And it's okay to treat yourself or as your partners for treats that make you smile. … Continue reading What Makes You Happy? w Jobe

Arkansas Writer’s Conference and You!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Sci&Fi Saturday w Jobe to bring you this alert! Did you know we have an Arkansas Writer's Conference right here in Little Rock? Anyone can attend but you have to register. Every year authors, publicists, literary agents, and more come out and get together about that thing we love--writing! There's … Continue reading Arkansas Writer’s Conference and You!