Nano Refreshers with Jobe

It’s that time of year again, when everything in our lives goes on hold and that singular task gets kicked into overdrive–that’s right, I’m talking about Nanowrimo. If you’ve never participated, that’s a-okay. It’s available to anyone and everyone who wants to participate. In one month, Nov 1 – Nov 30, nationwide (and worldwide), something like 300,000 writers commit to generate 50,000 words. Traditionally this is meant to be a book manuscript from beginning to end, but people can also use it for various projects; the most important thing is that all 50,000 words have to be written within that month. Is it difficult? I’m not gonna lie. It requires a certain level of obsessive desire to win (everyone who completes 50,000 words is a winner). But it is also EXHILARATING and I cannot endorse it enough! Connect with your writing community locally in person and digitally in the online forums. Throw caution and personal hygiene to wind (or not). And get ready to have SO MUCH FUN.

If you want to check out my previous posts filled with Nano excitement and advice, check out here, here, and here from 2014 and this one from 2015. GO WRITERS, WRITE NOW!


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