Jobe’s All New Massive 2016 Greatest Nano Blog Post of All Time

Now we all know I posted about Nano survival kits back in 2014 and again in 2015. But this awesome lady Ada, who originally made a post to Make Your Own Nano Survival Kit in 2014 and updated for 2016, really inspired me. Following her structure, I’m going to provide you with a kajillion brainstormy options and ideas of what’s out there, so you can make the most informed decisions, during Nano and throughout the year.


A New Notebook: The Online Experts

Alan Henry on Lifehacker provides a terrific starting point.

Leuchtturm1917 I have a purple one, it’s great for fountain pens
Whitelines Have not tried
Rhodia Have heard of but not yet tried, likely my next buy
Field Notes Have not tried but heard great things from friends
Moleskine I’ve had several notebooks and planners, and they’re not bad, but let’s see what else is out there, shall we?!

Dustin Wax on Lifehack gives a similar list with a few new additions.


John Brownlee takes a new approach on Fast CoDesign and asks famous designers for their favorites and gets a list which included new players:

Aqua Notes

Baron Schwarz personally tried several, including some new ones we can add to our growing list.

Semikolon Original website in German but you can Amazon search
Studio Oh!

John Saddington is next up (I’m really surprised these have all been male reviewers!) with many familiar and many new.

Ecosystem Their website was down when I tried but B&N sells their stuff
Habana from Quo Vadis
Ciak Site in Italian, The Journal Shop in pounds
Allan’s Journal, also in pounds
WritersBlok Bamboo Notebook

John Saddington also mentions the original Composition Notebook, which I was never particularly fond of; the paper always seemed too thin. But I have found that the graph paper Composition Notebook has thick enough pages to be decent for fountain pens, and that’s pretty awesome. Saddington also made some apps, so check those out if you want (Desk NT is $5.99; Desk PM is $19.99; and Desk MD is $12.99).

See also:

If you have or haven’t discovered the website Jet Pens, it’s a great way to buy stuff for decent pricing that sometimes isn’t available outside Japan. They wrote about their favorites here. Creative Bloq also did their own piece with lots of pretty pictures, and Notebook Stories appears to be an entire blog dedicated to notebooks, wow! Here’s the post I stumbled on.

A New Notebook: Jobe’s Top Picks

My current favorites include the Kokuyo Campus Twin Ring Notebook – “Route to the Top” Cover – Semi B5 – Dotted 7 mm Rule in Yellow

and the Lihit Lab Aqua Drops Twist Ring Notebook – Semi B5 – Lined – Yellow



Jetpens, as I mentioned earlier, is a fantastic pen source. The Goulet Pen Company is a great site too. If you’re local to the Little Rock Area, check out Vanness and Wordsworth (5920 R St, Little Rock, AR 72207) for fun pen and notebook options. And of course you can always order on Amazon, but you should probably already have an idea of what you’re looking for.

Do you have a favorite pen? Mine are currently the Uni-ball Signo UM-151 Gel Pen in 0.38 mm, the Sakura Gelly Roll Classics,  the Jinhao 599 Metal and the Jinhao 159 (which are super fat!)


Favorite Mugs

While looking for pictures of the mugs I actually own, I stumbled on this link and my world lit up with these two precious darlings from a brand called Happy Jackson and that can be purchased on Amazon!

But these are some of the lovely mugs that I am delighted to own, most of them designed by Lenny Mud (who I first discovered on Etsy).

Writing Totem





I admit that I am biased toward coffee instead of tea, but I know there is a large contingency who feel the opposite, and I wholly support any and all hot beverage consumption (energy drinks, on the other hand, taste awful).


Socks (and house shoes, house slippers, booties)
It gets cold sitting still for long periods! Don’t forget to take care of your toes. ❤



Flash Drive



Inspirational Quotes

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