January Reads in Review

In addition to my modest book reading last month, I was also reading a lot of political articles, and signing a lot of petitions. If you live in America like me, you might feel like the whole country has gone crazy lately! Whatever your soap box, I encourage you to stand up for what you believe in and make use of peaceful protest.

Book No. 2
My second finished book for January was Abarat by Clive Barker. This is a re-read and a great favorite of mine from a favorite author. (I have adored Clive Barker since The Thief of Always.) This book is YA, absolutely fantastical, has huge scope, and contains an entire world. Clive Barker painted for four years, and those works became the illustrations which now accompany the novels (a five book series, three of which are out so far). I can’t praise enough the way that Barker captures the imagination and soars with it to such unexpected destinations. This book focuses on the main character of Candy Quackenbush, who hates her humdrum existence in Chickentown, Minnesota. Little does she know that she’s destined for untold adventures in the world of the Abarat. From sea creatures to multi-headed companions to nightmare princes to magic and dragons and so much more, there is never a dull or disappointing moment with Barker at the helm. He takes your breath and never gives it back.

Reading Challenges
And now for some organizational fun playing with categories for all my reading challenges. For the PopSugar 2017 reading challenge I marked this off as No. 10, cats on the cover (they’re tarrie-cats, and they live on the island of Ninnyhammer). For the Book Dragon’s Lair Audiobook challenge this one was a paper book, so I’m still at 1 of 1 Bit level and 1 of 10 Byte level. For the Book Dragon’s Lair Pages Read challenge, this 418 pgs puts me at a total of 778 pgs toward 12k pgs on the Bonsai level. For My Reader’s Block Color Coded challenge this cover color is Purple and is 2 of 9 completed. This is a re-read, so Read It Again, Sam gets me to 1 of 4 for the Déjà vu level. For My Reader’s Block Mount To Be Read (TBR) I’m now at 1 of 12 for the Pike’s Peak level, and Rock My TBR challenge is at 1 of 12 too. For the Diverse Reads challenge (here and here) this book qualifies as diverse because it was written by a queer author, and it also fits the optional mini-challenge for January, which relates to mythology. For The Book Date Full House challenge I marked this book for the Award Winner category: it won an ALA Best Book for YA award. For The Book Date Read the Books You Buy challenge it doesn’t count because I’ve owned it for a long while. For the Whatever I Think Of Memoir Bingo challenge it doesn’t count because it is not a memoir. For The Worm Hole’s What’s In A Name challenge, it doesn’t fit any of the categories so I’m still at 1 of 6. Below are the hashtags of the challenges that had them.


I hope you’ve enjoyed your January of reading and writing and are tromping fearlessly into February.



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