Random Round Up w Jobe

I love seeing the progression of a thing’s development, and this article and video are too awesome not to share. Thanks Epic Reads!

Are you old enough to remember diagramming sentences? For a visual learner like me, this activity set my brain on fire in the best way. I can just imagine all those happy little synaptic connections forming. I’m sad that it’s fading away, but thanks NPR for the nostalgia.

I am a huge fan of this book series so it’s no surprise to me that Cathy Yardley is at it again with this awesome online resource.

If you’re looking for opportunities for contests and such, Aerogramme Writers’ Studio has you covered for March and April.

Last but not least, this might be helpful for character building, what do you think about what it’s saying, do you agree? Thanks to Nathen for posting about it and The Writer’s Circle for passing it around.535103_10153740817836291_221130954827427889_n


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