April Reads in Review

Proven Guilty by Jim Butcher, Dresden Files Book 8
(for more on cover art: Vincent Chong, Subterranean Press)

This series of books is terrific: the main character is quirky and fun, the writing is fast and funny, the books work as stand-alones and as a arching series. In addition to Jim Butcher’s great writing, and the always amusing and exciting adventures of Harry you’re-a-wizard Dresden, if you listen to the audiobooks, you also get to delight in the delicious voice of James Marsters, originally of Buffy fame.

The series continues, gaining momentum, as Harry faces new challenges: faerie intrigue, phobophages (monsters who feed on fear), and the way less awesome aspects of being a Warden of the White Council. Mixed up in all of it is Molly Carpenter, Michael and Charity’s oldest daughter of the rowdy passel of kids that make up the Carpenter family. Just like in every book, Harry manages to survive impossible odds, save the day, and keep his soul clean…ish.

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