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Turn Coat by Jim Butcher


So I just finished the audiobook 🎧 for Turn Coat by Jim Butcher, book 11 in the Dresden Files series. 📚 Depending on the generation you belong to, this series stars your favorite, or second favorite, wizard named Harry. ⚡️ This particular volume centers around the warden Morgan, who has been framed as a traitor, and who has tasked Harry with finding the real killer 🔪 before the Council descends. ⏳ If you were worried there might not be enough excitement in these pages, concern yourself no longer: ⚰️ Vampires 🍷, mages, the wee ones of the Fair Folk, and werewolves 🐺 all make appearances, and we’re just getting started. People with powers, scary deep fae monsters, 👮🏻‍♀️ cops, giant spiders 🕷, mage politics & intrigue, and a genuine Native American nightmare shapeshifter demon keep this book 📖 churning through the action from cover to cover. Did I mention there is also a creepy island 🏝 that has to be reached by boat 🚤? Rest assured, volume 11 is no let down. 🎯

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