Cold Days by Jim Butcher

After thirteen books of building up a life, Harry’s had everything is destroyed. In the rubble of book fourteen, he has to relearn everything, starting with a very pretty physical therapist named Sarissa who will teach him the basics before Mab gives him some hands-on daily experience of how not to die. By, you know, trying to kill him on the daily. Harry gets to meet Santa Claus and is a total fanboy. We also meet Cait Sith and Lacuna, another of the tiny folk. Molly lets Harry know that there’s something really wrong with Demonreach. Harry gains some serious insider knowledge on the workings of the fae world, talks with about a million important fae peeps, and visits the Knight’s Watch–er, well, The Wall, anyway. There are a surprising number of boat fights. And in the end SOME REALLY CRAZY STUFF HAPPENS!!!

Reading Challenges
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Well that was a bit sparse. Shoot. I’ll have to find a real zinger for my next one…

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