2017 Year End, 2018 Year Beginning

want to read
Tried it, didn’t like it
Wasn’t in the right mood, want to give it another shot
Loved this book
Want to make something like this


So I named my character Dr. Cicely

In December 2017, I went offtrack with my reading challenges, and I didn’t end up being able to finish all of them. I was in denial for a bit, telling myself if I read most of a book in December and only finished it in early January, it could still be counted. But the truth was, there were certain books I just wasn’t making any progress with. I’d also fallen behind on the blog reviews about the books I had finished reading, even though I prepared the Instagram art for them and everything. I just sort of… lost my way. By January 2018, I’d gotten caught up in several addictive phone games, and everything else was shoved to the wayside while I fed my brain all the pellets my button pushing would yield. It’s only in the last several days that I’ve taken a look at myself and realized I didn’t like what I saw. So I’m back, And that for me means running every morning M-F; writing every evening; reading most evenings; and not being a slave to my phone. I deleted the Facebook app off my phone again, and many more that were eating up my time and attention. And I’ve decided to take up the Julia Cameron Artist’s Way challenge.

No idea what this is actually for but I’m always looking forward to the next nanowrimo 😀


So I had prepared two sets of Instagram posts to accompany book reviews that I didn’t end up writing, so here they are below.  D299146F-BED4-4B69-9CBD-031AAF44AECB59B390D2-DDCE-4014-B140-57061A6F196109E3CEFC-7D63-444D-96E0-4F63C226C1FF68B08FC0-BFC3-4084-BD1B-028134EDF79A97EDD58F-4261-46B9-A6DE-B76DF17B8110096152E2-AE13-483C-A0C6-51AF1E3A84FCAC1133AF-C85E-4F7F-B3E6-A1CC7E8F0E02A5F4A375-0C56-48AB-A0AF-F1AFA65FFF5A

I’ve also been thinking lately abt that Star Trek episode and how it relates to everything about Drumpf’s administration. Don’t think for a second that he should be dismissed as “just a crazy person.” He knows exactly what he’s doing.


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