36 on 36

Did you know that when you get older (I’m looking at you, twenty-somethings) you get emails from the most unexpected senders wishing you a happy birthday? I have received no fewer than four happy birthday emails from: my dentist’s office, Lane Bryant, my mortgage company, and my chiropractor’s office. How odd! The barrage of well wishing on Facebook I expected, but this made me feel, well, somewhere between “grown up” and “old.” Hah! I also had two recent moments where people younger than me taught me how to do something tech-related, and that’s really a surefire way to feel “old.” (I’m putting it in quote marks because I don’t actually mind my age at all and a friend of mine said the 40s are her favorite decade yet.)

So the other weekend we’re at the theater to see Black Panther and I’ve got the text-messaged scan code on my phone (look at me! so saavy!) but the ticket check kid (who looked about 15) told me I needed to turn the brightness up on my phone and I stumbled lamely, “What? But, I don’t–” at which point he said “here let me show you” and proceeded to school me in a super fast method of adjusting brightness that I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW EXISTED. So while I’m still reeling from that embarassment, I’m in the car with my own kid (who is 15) and he says, “oh, I like this song, what’s it called again?” to which I, of course, replied, “no idea,” so he says “that’s what the info button’s for.” Now, I scanned the buttons again to be sure, but I felt pretty certain I had never seen a button reading “info,” and I was right. There wasn’t one. “I don’t have one of those,” I replied confidently, perhaps a little triumphantly, even.

“Mom,” he sighed, “the button with the letter i,” at which point, I swear to gods, he pointed out a button I never knew existed in my vehicle (which I’ve had for many years) and lo and behold, we were given the band name and song title. EGAD. I had no idea what this would feel like, no longer being at the forefront of technological advances, and I’ll admit I giggled with glee when the tables were turned, so it’s only fair I get my come-uppence now, I suppose! Sheesh.

Well I’m just tickled that I’m turning 36 on 36, so that’s my fun for today. Keep shining,

happy birthday

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