Minimalism & Happiness

7tinystepsIn the age of body dsyphoria, try to capture and celebrate any moments you can of body euphoria. Thank you, body, for being what I need, for getting me where I need to go, for housing my experiences and thoughts. Have you ever felt like this?

Who wants to play a minimalist game? Anybody brave enough to do this with me? I’m thinking I could use this framework to get through edits on manuscripts I’ve been neglecting and recycle the pages I’ve reviewed.

It’s not what we buy, it’s whyAnd: can you define your dream wardrobe style in just three words? Mine might include words like: colorful/bright, movement/flow, pockets, happy, easy to modify ie “convertible,” and maybe flowers…

Minimalism starter kit

You know my eyes were drawn to the rainbow design, but this was super interesting!

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