How to Make a Table of Contents in Microsoft Word in 6 Easy Steps

If you’re like me,  you pride yourself on all the little Word tricks you’ve picked up over the years. Anybody who’s been writing for a while has had to get to know the features, and you’ve probably memorized anything you use often. Maybe you’re even the go-to person to ask for shortcuts and key commands. But a Table of Contents just isn’t one of those things you need very often. So don’t feel embarassed if you, too, forgot how to make one. Here’s how, and it’s a snap.

1. Select your chapter title.


2. Turn it into a Header. (Repeat for all chapter titles.)


3. Place your cursor where you want your TOC.


4. Click “References,” then “Table of Contents,” then “Automatic Table 2.”


5. Boom! It’s that easy! You can change fonts etc. to your heart’s content but you don’t have to worry about tricksy formatting. This built-in tool will automatically keep track of chapter titles and page numbers.


6. Just “update” whenever you make changes.


Ta Da! Fun bonus fact, making a TOC this way also turns your chapter titles into hyperlinks: Ctrl+Click a chapter title in the TOC to move to that part of your document. Cheers, and happy writing!


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