Still a Virgin

Oh my gosh! It’s my first time, and it is so scary. I’m not sure if I can take on something so substantial. I’m taking about NANOWRIMO. Get your mind out of the gutter! National Novel Writing Month is upon us, and I have never taken part before. I have, in fact, written a novel. … Continue reading Still a Virgin


It’s a Love-Hate Kinda Thing

It’s no secret that some of our greatest works of literature come from deeply felt tragedy. Everyone, no matter what walk of life s/he comes from, experiences loss, betrayal, pain, anger, and even hatred. These things make us human, but they do not define us. What defines us is how we cope with life’s obstacles. … Continue reading It’s a Love-Hate Kinda Thing

Creativity Bubbles

Have you ever just not felt like writing? I have, and that is perfectly okay. I used to experience guilt whenever I couldn’t muster up enough creativity to put something profound on paper. There are two problems with that. 1.) Writing is supposed to be enjoyable, especially for someone who identifies as a writer. I … Continue reading Creativity Bubbles

Three Digits

The world is a small place. It's true. One may travel across the sea and happen upon a former classmate, an old neighbor, or even a step-sibling's first grade teacher. It happens. True adventure does not only come from visiting the most grand places around the globe. One may find a spark of inspiration from … Continue reading Three Digits

Into the Unknown

Using your travels to inspire great writing is not the same as writing what you know.  As I mentioned in previous posts, I do not believe in that simplistic approach.  However, visiting new places has a tendency to spark our imaginations.  Whether it is the sound of a massive waterfall or the saffron color of … Continue reading Into the Unknown

Make Writer’s Block Your Bitch

Finding inspiration is easy.  One doesn’t even have to try.  Most of the time, it just comes on its own.  It’s the motivation that's the hard part. Inspiration can take many forms.  Sometimes a place or person can inspire.  Other times something more abstract like a color, the smell of rain, or even a song … Continue reading Make Writer’s Block Your Bitch

How to Write a Damn Good Character

Characters are my favorite part to storytelling.  Out of Aristotle’s Six Key Elements (Plot, Character, Theme, Diction, Music, and Spectacle - which we can discuss in another blog post) character tends to be the most diverse and versatile.  Yes, the plot thickens, but how does that happen?  It happens based on character actions.  As the … Continue reading How to Write a Damn Good Character