This page should be called something like “Jobe in the Media” or “Accidental Fame.”

Genre Wars: Romance v. Erotica 09.28.17

Kollective Coffee reading 08.23.1708.23.17

My review of the fantastic book Kindling by Arkansan Angel Blackwood06.30.17

Teaching teen poetry workshops with the illustrious Karen Hayes! 02.21.17

EOA 10 yr anniversary Only in Arkansas 05.30.16

EOA 10 yr anniversary on Vimeo 05.07.16

MFA Final Reading 04.19.16

My review of the fantastic book Chicken by Arkansan Chase Night – 08.21.15

A lovely blog post by Dr. John Vanderslice – 04.06.15

Sci Fi Writer’s Workshop 06.17.14

UCA – reading – program (pg 3) 04.11.14

EOA April Fool’s Operabilly – 04.01.13

EOA in the Dem Gaz 11.04.12

UCA MFA program 10.02.12

Kniterati yarn bombing Dem Gaz 01.26.12

CALS Carollers Dem Gaz 12.22.11

KAAY Radio visits the Butler Center 07.18.11


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