Wednesday Readers w Jobe

Book Riot wants to make sure you've heard of these 30 YA reads for adults30 YA reads for adults.  


Random Round Up w Jobe

You probably notice when a book you're reading mentions a song you know. Did you know about these 25 songs that reference books? Thanks, Book Riot. The pencil was likely the first tool of the trade for most of us over a certain age. As such, pencil art has always astounded me. Cheers, Bright Side. … Continue reading Random Round Up w Jobe

Random Round Up w Jobe

Itching for some literary bling? Storiarts has got you covered! Mental Floss has found us this cool editing tool! Try it and see! Dying for the perfect new pair of bookends? Bookriot has got you covered. Sarah Galo at Buzzfeed gives us a reading list of 47 Books for College Grads. Hope you enjoyed this Random Round Up. The … Continue reading Random Round Up w Jobe

Random Round Up w Jobe

Did you guys know that BookTube is a thing? Like YouTube but with book reviewers! Here's a quiz to match you with BookTubers, from EpicReads. If you're writing a novel, here's what not to do! From James Scott Bell at Writer's Digest. We probably already know this, but FlavorWire wanted to share with the world that … Continue reading Random Round Up w Jobe

Random Round Up w Jobe

Best selling YA books from Kelly Jensen at Book Riot. Seven Questions for the Working Writer with Rosalie Knecht, on the blog of Jenna Leigh Evans, shared by Tinhouse. J. K. Rowling shares her rejection letters in The Reading Room. Do you love books? Of course you do! Do you need a purse, or do you know a person who … Continue reading Random Round Up w Jobe

Random Round Up w Jobe

Explore what makes a sentence beautiful with Aram Mrjoian at Book Riot. Get frustrated by books with a slow start? These 8 are worth the struggle. Thanks to Charlotte Ahlin at Bustle. Here are some commonly confused words from Grammarly. Thanks! Hope you enjoyed this Random Round Up! The featured image was found searching "random" on Google. Cheers! … Continue reading Random Round Up w Jobe

Random Round Up w Jobe

(This month "Fountain Pen Friday" will be replaced by "Random Round Up." Stay tuned for more Fountain Pen Friday next month!) Book Riot has the newest collection of 100 Must Reads for everybody who wants to read the weird stuff. My Modern Met Selects suggests an interesting method of giving old books new life, is this awesome or … Continue reading Random Round Up w Jobe

Sci&Fi Saturday w Jobe

How to Build a Time Machine from IFL Science?!? Well folks, apparently it was only a matter of time. *cymbol crash* (Get it? Time?) Do you love science fiction? Here's a nice post from Book Riot. How many fandoms can one sticker hold? Apparently, eight-ish, where no fewer than half are sci-fi fandoms. YES! You can … Continue reading Sci&Fi Saturday w Jobe

Did you miss me? It’s Jobe!

Hey There Intrepid Readers and Writers! June was a slam-packed month for me, but don't think I didn't miss you ❤ Today I taught another of my writing workshops through CALS at the downtown Main Library, and I am always so encouraged and energized and excited by the people who attend -- so, if you're reading … Continue reading Did you miss me? It’s Jobe!

More May Funsies with Jobe

Book Riot tells you how to Support Rad Lady Authors Buzz Feed Books shares 51 Of The Most Beautiful Sentences In Literature, and Buzz Feed Life gives us 40 Inspiring Workspaces Of The Famously Creative (many of them are writers!) And for your viewing pleasure, from The Reader's Nook Two from Title Wave Tin House posted this … Continue reading More May Funsies with Jobe