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Random Round Up w Jobe

I love seeing the progression of a thing’s development, and this article and video are too awesome not to share. Thanks Epic Reads!

Are you old enough to remember diagramming sentences? For a visual learner like me, this activity set my brain on fire in the best way. I can just imagine all those happy little synaptic connections forming. I’m sad that it’s fading away, but thanks NPR for the nostalgia.

I am a huge fan of this book series so it’s no surprise to me that Cathy Yardley is at it again with this awesome online resource.

If you’re looking for opportunities for contests and such, Aerogramme Writers’ Studio has you covered for March and April.

Last but not least, this might be helpful for character building, what do you think about what it’s saying, do you agree? Thanks to Nathen for posting about it and The Writer’s Circle for passing it around.535103_10153740817836291_221130954827427889_n


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Random Round Up w Jobe

Would you paint an entire wall in your house to read as the first page from a favorite book? This author did! Meredith McCardle, author of The Eighth Guardian and Blackout, did exactly that. Thanks to Buzzfeed for telling Goodreads for telling the Goodwill Librarian for telling me!


Want to be inspired, or looking for your next great read? Check out these killer last lines shared by Epic Reads! This one was my favorite, so I screen-capped it:


Rosarium Publishing is committed to diversity in literature. Check them out!


Hope you enjoyed this Random Round Up! The featured image was found searching “random” on Google. Cheers!


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Random Round Up w Jobe

Did you guys know that BookTube is a thing? Like YouTube but with book reviewers! Here’s a quiz to match you with BookTubers, from EpicReads.

If you’re writing a novel, here’s what not to do! From James Scott Bell at Writer’s Digest.

We probably already know this, but FlavorWire wanted to share with the world that bookshelves make the best walls. Shared by Penguin Random House.

Is there anything more darling than an library-themed party? Thanks Jesse Doogan of Book Riot for so many great ideas, especially these literary party games from Picador!

Hope you enjoyed this Random Round Up! The featured image was found searching “random” on Google. Cheers!


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Epic May Fun with Jobe

Some reading, and then some pictures. Reading:

A Bibliophile’s Defense of Physical Books, from New Republic

A how-many-have-you-read book challenge from List Challenges

An alphabetical reading challenge from Penguin Random House

The Stages of Writing from the Nanowrimo Blog



from The Best of Tumblr

The Best of Tumblr

these two from Librarian Central

I Don't ReadTessa Gray from Cassandra Clare


these two from Grammarly

Coffee Starter Fluid

Tyrion Lannister


from Epic Reads, a reading rainbow

Rainbow Reads


Shit Academics Say

Sh!t Academics Say


from Tin House

Tin House Roxane Gay

from Xlibris Publishing

Junot Diaz Xlibris


from The Reading Room

The Reading Room


from PEN Center USA

PEN Center USA


from Spilled Ink of Love

Spilled Ink of Love

from Book Riot

Book Riot Drop Everything And Read


And last but never least.
Oh, Word Porn, how do I love thee, let me count the ways

Word Porn 2

Word Porn 3

Word Porn BarkerJobe
compiling the internet so you don’t have to


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Jobe and some Literary Fun

If you’re snowed in and climbing the walls, why not:

Play Book Bingo from Book Riot

Brush up on Conflict
compliments of The Writer’s Circle

Giggle with Weird Al thanks to The Literacy Site

Find Encouragement
with Emm not Emma

Check out this awesome vid on YA Books from Epic Reads

And find out which female literary character are you? from BuzzFeed

In addition, you should always reshare this one

and try to increase Blue while decreasing Red, mmkay?

Love Y’all! Stay safe and warm.

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