Monday Snerk w Jobe


Bicycle, Bicycle

Did you have a lovely summer vacation, darlings? Since I finished my thesis and graduated my master's program, I let myself take a break. But now is that important time when we get back on our bikes and zoom, zoom, zoom! The daily habit is the single most important tool at a writer's disposal. A bad … Continue reading Bicycle, Bicycle

Random Round Up w Jobe

Like that old saying, "One man's trash is another man's canvas." Wait, what? Sabine Brosche is giving old books new life! Thanks, Upcycle That and How Life Unfolds, for the shares! The Evil League of Evil Writers wants you to know how (not) to write about combat. Check it out! Grammarly can always be counted on to help us … Continue reading Random Round Up w Jobe

Random Round Up w Jobe

Explore what makes a sentence beautiful with Aram Mrjoian at Book Riot. Get frustrated by books with a slow start? These 8 are worth the struggle. Thanks to Charlotte Ahlin at Bustle. Here are some commonly confused words from Grammarly. Thanks! Hope you enjoyed this Random Round Up! The featured image was found searching "random" on Google. Cheers! … Continue reading Random Round Up w Jobe