Skin Game by Jim Butcher

  I can’t believe it’s time to say goodbye to Harry Dresden. He’s been part of my life for most of two years! I remember when Ender was my best friend for so many audiobooks and it was hard to let him go, too. Well, at least I can tell you about this last book … Continue reading Skin Game by Jim Butcher


Ghost Story by Jim Butcher

    Usually there is a year of downtime in the universe of the series before the characters get into a new adventure of mischief. Ghost Story, by contrast, follows Changes by only moments, in a grand continuation. The readers follow the Ghost of the story as he attempts to solve his own murder, and … Continue reading Ghost Story by Jim Butcher

April Reads in Review

Proven Guilty by Jim Butcher, Dresden Files Book 8 (for more on cover art: Vincent Chong, Subterranean Press) This series of books is terrific: the main character is quirky and fun, the writing is fast and funny, the books work as stand-alones and as a arching series. In addition to Jim Butcher's great writing, and the always amusing … Continue reading April Reads in Review