Diversity in Representation

In case you were looking for some totally badass female authors of color, here's the newest from HuffPo interviewing Glory Edim of Well-Read Black Girl. I'll add to the list two personal favorites, Octavia Butler and Ntozake Shange. Then HuffPo went and did it again with these 34 poets of color, kudos!!! This reminded me to tell you … Continue reading Diversity in Representation


Thursday Writers w Jobe

What could be better than a Maya Angelou quote from Dictionary.com? Maybe 14 more quotes from the same source? And since the quotes are so good, I won't even poke too much fun at the fact that they paired a C. S. Lewis quote (Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe) with a Roald Dahl image … Continue reading Thursday Writers w Jobe

Sci&Fi Saturday w Jobe

Octavia Butler mentioned this awesome article, "Science Fiction isn't just for white nerds, it's for black nerds too." Written by Charles Olafare about Asli Dukan. An ear insert that translates language in real time? Talk about a babelfish! Thanks, Earthables! Is this Hyperloop the future of travel? USA Today. Robots that (who?) can feel pain--am I … Continue reading Sci&Fi Saturday w Jobe