Step by Step Writing Class with Jobe: Reflection!

What a fantastic night with a fantastic group of people. Sci-Fi George, Romance Kim, and Poet Karen joined yours truly, Memoir Jobe! The conversation generated was so insightful and helpful, the writing written was so sparked and energetic and inspired! This was the most fun I've had in a minute. I opened with introductions, as … Continue reading Step by Step Writing Class with Jobe: Reflection!


More on the topic of Teen Poetry

  Back in April, as part of the excitement surrounded the annual Literary Festival, Karen Hayes and I taught a handful of teen poetry classes at various library branches. It was a lot of fun, and there was a lot of talent in those rooms. Once the celebration took place, I didn't think too much … Continue reading More on the topic of Teen Poetry

Jobe Reads Nick Flynn ABNISS

Howdy y'all. I'm sorry I haven't been more active but now that I'm done with my thesis I should be able to be. It took a long ass time but I finished reading my first book of the year. I blame thesis writing and reading sections of books and shit tons of articles that didn't … Continue reading Jobe Reads Nick Flynn ABNISS

Jobe’s March Reads

Howdy Folks! This month I read three books for my reading challenge. The first of three I read was Bodies, of the Holocene by Christopher Cokinos, a book of poetry which I categorized as "a book you can finish in a day." I was fortunate enough to review this short but poignant work for the upcoming … Continue reading Jobe’s March Reads

Jobe’s Adventures in Grad School

As y'all may or may not know, this Jobe is enrolled in the UCA MFA creative writing program. I'm in my third year, in fact, and while I'm on the slow track, with any luck, I may actually graduate after another several semesters or so. ;D This semester I'm taking poetry and nonfiction, and I'm hoping … Continue reading Jobe’s Adventures in Grad School