Thursday Writers

From George Saunders, what writers really do when they write, via The Guardian. Chuck Wendig delights us with how to make the most of a critique.


Diversity: Disability

The idea of finding books with differently-abled or non-neurotypical authors or characters really stumped me, so I figured some research would not go amiss. starts a discussion here, talks about diversity here, The Guardian talks with TheBookAddictedGirl about the topic here, and the American Library Association weighs in on the link between diversity and banned books here. … Continue reading Diversity: Disability

Thursday Writers w Jobe

  Now that we've made it through Nanowrimo, here are two very interesting articles that advise against the adage "write every day." Advice from Daniel José Older at Seven Scribes and Ann Patchett on the Guardian. What do you think?