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Tonight in Hot Springs


Come on out if you can tonight Kollective Coffee on Central Ave in Hot Springs ❤

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Diversity in Representation

In case you were looking for some totally badass female authors of color, here’s the newest from HuffPo interviewing Glory Edim of Well-Read Black Girl. I’ll add to the list two personal favorites, Octavia Butler and Ntozake Shange. Then HuffPo went and did it again with these 34 poets of color, kudos!!!

This reminded me to tell you about and recommend stellar poet Jericho Brown who I was blessed to hear perform when he visited UCA during my grad program. He is blowing up all over the internet from Poetry Foundation to Poetry SocietyPoets Dot Org to Poets & Writers; from NPR to PBS to Buzzfeed. He’s also featured on PEN America who are “at the intersection of Writers and Human Rights.” His accolades are piling up (which you can view on his wiki page) so be sure to check him out.

Meanwhile on another spoke of the diversity wheel, Zach Anner has some hilarious and insightful stuff to say about life and cerebral palsy: check out his awesome video, shared by Upworthy. His book If at Birth You Don’t Succeed is definitely going on my TBR list!


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Jobe’s Thesis

On Friday 3/11/16 I successfully defended my thesis. It was a long, hard road to get here, and it will continue to be a long, hard road to get the current work shaped into a polished product fit to be published, but I’m eternally grateful to have had this experience. Many thanks to everyone who attended and to my committee: Mark Spitzer, Kevin Brockmeier, and Stephanie Vanderslice. Hard to believe that I will soon graduate my four years at University of Central Arkansas with my Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing! Stay tuned for more. ❤12

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Jobe’s April Reads

Howdy Folks! I hope you’ve had a good reading and writing April. In addition to teaching a few weekend courses (one on memoir, and one on how to workshop, as you probably guessed from previous posts!) I’ve definitely been keeping my reading muscles strong.

This month I read Delta of Venus by Anais Nin. This is a short story collection of erotica, and I kept it simple by categorizing this one on my reading challenge as — you guessed it! — “a book of short stories.” If you’re easily hot and bothered, I don’t recommend reading this one at work! Nin’s work is velvety and delicious.

I read WE3, a dark and gritty comic from Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely. This book really startled and inspired me with its innovative layouts and designs, and how well they use sparse language. Not for the faint of heart, but definitely worth the read. This one I counted as my “graphic novel.”

Next I read the kooky memoir Running With Scissors by Augusten Burroughs. I have read this one before and the reread did not disappoint. I love this author, as well as his Aspergian author brother, John Elder Robison. Though I haven’t seen the movie, I counted this book as my “book that became a movie.”

I read Popgun Volume 1. It’s an anthology of 52 short comics, and the artwork and stories are as varied as can be. Some of these really stretched my brain! I loved seeing such a wide array of color schemes, personalized lettering, and bizarro concepts. If you like comic books you need to look into these volumes. I counted this one as my “book with a number in the title.”

Last but not least, I read The Bill From My Father by Bernard Cooper. I had the happy opportunity to meet him and Jericho Brown when they visited the UCA campus during our celebration of LGBTQ week. This book is a memoir about the difficult relationship between a son desperate for love and approval and his emotionally unavailable dad. It was funny and touching and sad and relatable. Since it was set in my birth state of California (though I’ve long considered myself an Arkansan) I counted this book as my “takes place in your hometown” — which my reading group expanded to home state.

Keep reading, keep writing, and see you next time!


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