Defining Fictionalized Memoir

So in one corner, there's fiction. Made up, though just as often as not, inspired by some real stuff. In the other corner, memoir. The Truth, capital T, unless specifically noted, liked "names changed to protect my ass." But somewhere in the middle, there's this weird subgenre called fictionalized memoir. What is it, and when do you … Continue reading Defining Fictionalized Memoir


Step by Step Writing Class with Jobe: Reflection!

What a fantastic night with a fantastic group of people. Sci-Fi George, Romance Kim, and Poet Karen joined yours truly, Memoir Jobe! The conversation generated was so insightful and helpful, the writing written was so sparked and energetic and inspired! This was the most fun I've had in a minute. I opened with introductions, as … Continue reading Step by Step Writing Class with Jobe: Reflection!

Random Round Up w Jobe

Did you guys know that BookTube is a thing? Like YouTube but with book reviewers! Here's a quiz to match you with BookTubers, from EpicReads. If you're writing a novel, here's what not to do! From James Scott Bell at Writer's Digest. We probably already know this, but FlavorWire wanted to share with the world that … Continue reading Random Round Up w Jobe

Jobe Reflects on Novel Revision

Well I turned in a major novel revision yesterday, folks, and MAN OH MAN was it some hard work. This draft crossed the finish line with only 46k words, 186 pgs, seven chapters of about 25-30pgs ea. I cut roughly 9k words of scenes that didn't work--and that was just the balance after adding in … Continue reading Jobe Reflects on Novel Revision

Jobe’s How-To Tips for Novel Writing

Last year I compiled a long list of how to successfully participate in Nanowrimo, and you can read that excellent stuff here. But this year my writers were interested, "How exactly does one write a novel?" Presumably you just sit down and write until you've got a book length manuscript, then sit down and revise … Continue reading Jobe’s How-To Tips for Novel Writing

Jobe’s Long-Awaited (Deepest Apologies for the Delay) Second Memoir Workshop Post

Before the fall semester started, before the house hunting, before the summer vacation, there was a dedicated band of folks awaiting with bated breath the posting of the memoir info from our last workshop class. There's an adage about trying harder and failing better, so I will take that, in this case, to be synonymous … Continue reading Jobe’s Long-Awaited (Deepest Apologies for the Delay) Second Memoir Workshop Post