Diversity in Representation

In case you were looking for some totally badass female authors of color, here's the newest from HuffPo interviewing Glory Edim of Well-Read Black Girl. I'll add to the list two personal favorites, Octavia Butler and Ntozake Shange. Then HuffPo went and did it again with these 34 poets of color, kudos!!! This reminded me to tell you … Continue reading Diversity in Representation


Random Round Up w Jobe

Has anyone tried to freelance full time? I am not envious of this path! But here's a little laugh to lighten the mood, from Buzzfeed. Curious about the publishing industry, specifically the work of the book agent? Lauren Sarner interviews industry pro Molly Friedrich: check it out here thanks to Inverse and Stephanie Vanderslice for … Continue reading Random Round Up w Jobe

Random Round Up w Jobe

Itching for some literary bling? Storiarts has got you covered! Mental Floss has found us this cool editing tool! Try it and see! Dying for the perfect new pair of bookends? Bookriot has got you covered. Sarah Galo at Buzzfeed gives us a reading list of 47 Books for College Grads. Hope you enjoyed this Random Round Up. The … Continue reading Random Round Up w Jobe

Random Round Up w Jobe

Would you paint an entire wall in your house to read as the first page from a favorite book? This author did! Meredith McCardle, author of The Eighth Guardian and Blackout, did exactly that. Thanks to Buzzfeed for telling Goodreads for telling the Goodwill Librarian for telling me! Want to be inspired, or looking for your … Continue reading Random Round Up w Jobe

End of the Month Fun With Jobe

  THIS from Bustle might be the most important thing you read today, or it might be THIS from Flavorwire.   This one applies to writing and editing, as well as life. From Elephant Health & Wellness. And here's some advice on submissions from Freeze Frame Fiction. From The Writer's Circle   Electric Literature suggests this fun way to name your … Continue reading End of the Month Fun With Jobe

Jobe’s Mid-Month April Fun

Stationary Pr0n from Buzzfeed from The Writer's Circle from Tablo Publishing an article about emergency poets from Book Patrol This funny is for role-playing gamer nerds, but maybe writers experience this too 🙂 first character Dorkly comic What a cool idea! From Reading Addicts this one from Grammarly   and this extremely nsfw gem for Archer … Continue reading Jobe’s Mid-Month April Fun

Jobe and some Literary Fun

If you're snowed in and climbing the walls, why not: Play Book Bingo from Book Riot Brush up on Conflict compliments of The Writer's Circle Giggle with Weird Al thanks to The Literacy Site Find Encouragement with Emm not Emma Check out this awesome vid on YA Books from Epic Reads And find out which female literary … Continue reading Jobe and some Literary Fun