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Jobe Reflects on Novel Revision

Well I turned in a major novel revision yesterday, folks, and MAN OH MAN was it some hard work. This draft crossed the finish line with only 46k words, 186 pgs, seven chapters of about 25-30pgs ea. I cut roughly 9k words of scenes that didn't work--and that was just the balance after adding in … Continue reading Jobe Reflects on Novel Revision

Jobe’s Quick Update and Some Pictures!

So I missed my regularly scheduled Friday post yesterday, and for that I apologize. But I turned in my novel revision on Wednesday, which felt AMAZING, and I also started the school semester with a couple of advanced courses, so I'm cutting myself a little slack. Here are some happy visuals until next time:        … Continue reading Jobe’s Quick Update and Some Pictures!

Jobe asks for Revision Advice from GCP

I asked for revision advice from Garry Craig Powell. Here's what he had to say: I go back and re-read for sense, to see if I have written parts that are superfluous (often the case, sadly) or if I have not written parts that need to be there (also a fairly frequent occurrence). I look at … Continue reading Jobe asks for Revision Advice from GCP

Jobe on Perspective

You write your first novel in a whirlwind of creative abandon. You celebrate, you take your time off--a couple of weeks to a couple of months being the recommended length. You do this so that you can come back to your novel with new writerly perspective, to see it with new eyes. Some of the passages that … Continue reading Jobe on Perspective