Collage Class with Jobe: Reflection

So I tried to teach a collage class at everybody's favorite art store and I got schooled by a tough reminder that knowing how to do something is not the same as knowing how to teach others how to do it. The class was fine and the attendees turned out great work, but I could … Continue reading Collage Class with Jobe: Reflection


Predictive Text

It occurred to me that it was something of a sweet little list to go through what web addresses appear for the numbers and letters I often use. What's your list look like? 5 - 6 - a - b - c - d - e -, f - … Continue reading Predictive Text

Sci&Fi Saturday w Jobe

And now in science news, did you know that something just CAME OUT OF a black hole?!?!? We don't fully understand it yet but we know it's a pretty big deal. From Blastr powered by SyFy. CERN found exotic new tetraquark particles, wowie zowie! Thanks, IFL Science! Tommie Kelly's Adventures in Woo Woo has a … Continue reading Sci&Fi Saturday w Jobe

Random Round Up w Jobe

Ever wondered what gift to get your favorite writer or reader? Why not try these book themed candles! Frostbeard Studio has a webpage, a Facebook page, and an Etsy store. Do you stay up at night pondering the mysteries of the universe, like where do all those unwanted copies of 50 Shades of Grey go, and … Continue reading Random Round Up w Jobe

What Makes You Happy? w Jobe

Here's a fun and silly one. Lil Guys. I don't know why or when I started calling them that collectively, but basically anything that is inanimate and small or cute probably qualifies. Even long-lasting foods! I got so into Lil Guys I had to devote an entire favorites folder to them on my Etsy account. … Continue reading What Makes You Happy? w Jobe

Sci&Fi Saturday w Jobe

How to Build a Time Machine from IFL Science?!? Well folks, apparently it was only a matter of time. *cymbol crash* (Get it? Time?) Do you love science fiction? Here's a nice post from Book Riot. How many fandoms can one sticker hold? Apparently, eight-ish, where no fewer than half are sci-fi fandoms. YES! You can … Continue reading Sci&Fi Saturday w Jobe