Hi All, It's been insane here lately. School. Work. Preparing for internship. And, oh yeah, a trip to Malaysia. In undergraduate, I met a wonderful girl who lived in Malaysia, and was studying in the States. We quickly became best friends. She spent many nights at my house, and soon I had dubbed her my … Continue reading Fun.


365 Writing Prompts!

Hey guys, So I just randomly stumbled upon this little gem a few minutes ago and wanted to share it with all of you. This link comes from Linda, the Book Lady on YouTube (but I found it on Pinterest): So, just as the title of this post says, here you will find 365 writing … Continue reading 365 Writing Prompts!

Let’s Play Favorites!

Hey, Taylor here! We're starting a new series here at Inklings where we talk about our favorite authors. For me, though, it's a little more complicated than just listing my favorite authors (yes, there are more than one). I tend to pick my favorite authors based on a certain book. For example, while I love … Continue reading Let’s Play Favorites!


You wring your hands, knowing what you’re about to say isn’t necessarily a popular opinion, but it needs to be said. You take a deep breath, then let it out. Here goes nothing. “Fine,” you squeak, “I’ll admit it. I love second-person point of view.” 😉 Sorry, as cheesy (and dramatic) as that might have … Continue reading You