Jobe’s November Reads

Howdy Folks! Did you read much during November, or were you too focused writing for Nano? Either way I hope you had a great month and a great holiday. My attempt at Nano this year fell apart since I was working on revising TWO BOOKS (my YA novel in Novel Revision class and my memoir … Continue reading Jobe’s November Reads


Jobe in Search of a Word Counter

Now of course Microsoft Word will tell ¬†you how many words you've got on the page, in the selection, or in the document as a whole. But I don't know how to get it to tell me that I used the word "little" 14 times, or "different" 9 times, unless I specifically search for that … Continue reading Jobe in Search of a Word Counter

Jobe Can’t Take the Credit for These Funny Books

Recently an email went out at work asking for titles of funny books. Once compiled, the list was shared. I don't think they're in any particular order and I didn't fiddle with that. If you need a funny book, you might try one of these! It's not easy bein' me : a lifetime of no … Continue reading Jobe Can’t Take the Credit for These Funny Books

Jobe Reflects on Novel Revision

Well I turned in a major novel revision yesterday, folks, and MAN OH MAN was it some hard work. This draft crossed the finish line with only 46k words, 186 pgs, seven chapters of about 25-30pgs ea. I cut roughly 9k words of scenes that didn't work--and that was just the balance after adding in … Continue reading Jobe Reflects on Novel Revision

Jobe’s October Reads

Trimalchio by F. Scott Fitzgerald. An earlier draft of The Great Gatsby. Read for Novel Revision class to compare the two. An interesting look into one writer's process. Now is the Time to Open Your Heart by Alice Walker. Phenomenal book by phenomenal author. Very spiritual. I opted for the audiobook and the voice acting … Continue reading Jobe’s October Reads