Jobe Recaps on the Nano Experience

Nano is done! And regular life has resumed. For students, myself included, that may mean the stress of finals, but at least that’ll be done soon, too, and then (if you’re like me) it’ll be time to catch up on all your favorite tv shows! So how’d you do? I finished at 46,500 words, and guess what. I consider it a solid win. It wasn’t 50k, that’s true, but I worked hard, I focused, I challenged myself, I prioritized my writing. And those are all big wins.

Here’s how I stack up against my prior self for the second half of the month:

November 2014 vs November 2011

  1. 3032                 3136
  2. xmas shopping 1004
  3. 2007                 knitting
  4. homework        1070
  5. class                 tv
  6. work event        tv
  7. 1668                 tv
  8. family                knitting
  9. chores              3401
  10. class                 3333
  11. travel                4267
  12. 4725                 3053
  13. 7978                 7831
  14. 1892                 (done)
  15. 4500                 (done)

So it looks like if I had done some writing on the 24th, 25th, and 26th I might have achieved the 50k, as other days were similar. It was fun to see that the 28th was a huge writing day both years. This November I took off 14 of my 30 days. Yikes! That’s almost half! In 2011 I only took off 10 days.

The best part of Nano was feeling like I had an important project to be working on and thinking about throughout the month, and that project was my writing. I used Write or Die and Written Kitten and enjoyed both a lot.

The thing I wish I’d done differently was kept up more consistency with writing every single day. After a long night in class or at work, I often felt the idea of writing one or two thousand words would just be too tough. In retrospect I wish I had told myself it would be okay to write just 500 words, say. (If I had written 500 words each day that I instead wrote none, I would have had an extra 7000 words!) Maybe even just 100 words on those days. It’s okay to take breaks, but it’s okay to break down the bigger goals into smaller, more manageable pieces. Moving forward I want to have a daily writing goal even if it’s a tiny one.

What about you? How was your nano? I’d love to hear your story.

And as always, Keep Writing.


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