Want to Get Published but Don’t Know Where to Submit? Here’s How to Get Started, With Your Intrepid Sidekick, Jobe.

Okay. Everybody wants to get published, right? It’s a no-brainer? Bragging rights. Build a name. Buff the CV. And it’s just kind of an exciting idea. Somebody thinks my writing is so good they want more people to see it? Wow! But remember, it’s a process, and writing, revision, and rejection are all part of it. Don’t feel bad or hurt or angry if and when your work is rejected. Even FAMOUS writers get rejected! There are so many different reasons, too, and most of them aren’t even about you or your writing! Space, theme, timing, and which arbitrary staff or intern reads your ‘scrip. So chin up, and collect those rejections like badges of honor. Rejection is proof that you’re participating in the process!

A quick note on paying to submit: some writers refuse to submit if there is any fee. You do want to be careful of money-making schemes, especially contests. The choice is up to you whether you think it will be worth it in any individual situation. Personally, I’ll pay $3 but not $20, if that gives you an idea. And please keep in mind that I can’t personally vouch for any of the links or mags, so use your best judgement.

Without further ado, here’s where to get started finding lit mags (literary magazines) that are actively seeking submission:

Subscribe to Authors Publish Magazine to receive emails about current places to submit.

New Pages gives you the latest. Bookmark their classifieds.

There’s also Poets & Writers, especially this.

Here’s The Review Review.

Every Writer’s Resource boasts a full list, but make sure they’re currently accepting. I think that’s these.

And these might also help too: Freelance Writing, Writer’s Relief, Literary Mama, and Alabama Writer’s Forum.

That should be plenty to get you started.

compiling the internet, so you don’t have to 

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