Writing Prompts: Memoir Edition! w Jobe

My new best friend, David RM.

David RM totally rocks!!! Get random writing prompts every time you refresh the page! My first few included” “My life is made up of seconds,” “perfect job,” and (one that really got me writing) “A list of electronic devices owned over the years.” I used this fantastic site throughout Nano and plan to use it year-round.

I was always told that the difference between memoir and autobiography is that memoir is about a specific time or event or sequence or theme, whereas an autobiography sums an entire life in chronology. So you could write several memoirs about different parts of your life, but you would have just one autobiography. Creative Writing Now gives some examples of memoir topics, and Writer’s Digest gives a list to determine if you want to write your story as true (nonfic) or false (fic). If you’re writing in the genre of memoir, you might be used to seeing lots of prompts for fiction. So here’s a list just for you.

David RM’s memoir-specific prompts

Memoir of Transcendence and the Epic 10

Scholastic’s 20 (for kids but still good!)

Jeri Walker’s 52

Creative Writing Now’s 59

Holly Pappas with college assignment memoir prompts

Suzanne Fox’s 16 / 64 / 31 / 9 (do I say ‘hike’? I feel like I say hike…)

And if that’s not enough for you, well then, just head on over to The New York Times for 650 memoir prompts! That really ought to keep you busy for a bit, shouldn’t it?



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